• 57 Thomas Street (map)
  • 57 Thomas Street
  • Manchester, England, M4 1NA
  • United Kingdom

When? Wednesday June 28, 7.30pm

Where? 57 Thomas Street

Tickets £10 (including one third of all four beers), buy now

Get infected with sour power at this unique event hosted by yeast provider Lallemand.

Four brilliant Manchester brewers have created four one-off beers designed to showcase the distinctive flavours produced by different strains of wild yeast and bacteria.

Whether you're already a sour sucker or are just curious to find out more, it's your chance to take part in a unique experiment.

Our four brewers - Alphabet, Chorlton, Cloudwater and Marble - have been set a challenge. Each has been charged with designing a beer to the same basic recipe guidelines - 5% ABV, pale, with low bitterness - but using a different method of souring that showcases the flavour impact of different strains and techniques.

These specially-brewed beers are:

  • Alphabet - kettle sour using L. plantarum bacteria.
  • Chorlton - mixed fermentation kettle sour
  • Cloudwater - kettle sour fermented with Brettanomyces
  • Marble - primary fermentation with four strains of Brettanomyces

Rob Percival from Lallemand will host the evening, providing insight into the process of creating sour beer and the various bacterial cultures and yeast strains used to achieve the desired results.

Each brewer will then present their beer in turn, giving ticket-holders a chance to taste, discuss and ask questions.

The ticket price includes a third of all four beers created specially for the event.