• Cloudwater Brewery (map)
  • 7-8 Piccadilly Trading Estate
  • Manchester M1 2NP
  • United Kingdom

When? Wednesday June 28, 10am-3pm

Where? Cloudwater Brewery

Tickets £89, buy now

Spend the day brewing with Cloudwater and learning about their processes and equipment.

Starting the day with coffee, Pollen pastries and an introduction to brewing, you'll help with grist loading and learning about wort production and lautering.

Cellar samples with be taken and tested throughout, with introductions by members of the production and QA teams about each stage of the brew and our testing/lab processes.

Following an inclusive lunch-break you'll move on to tank tastings and comparisons with finished beer, before they take you through the ins and outs of fermentation, conditioning and packaging.

During the day Managing Director Paul Jones will be available for a beer and an open table Q&A and they'll send you off with a few goodies to remind you of your day with Cloudwater.