• Kosmonaut (map)
  • 10 Tariff Street
  • Manchester, England, M1 2FF
  • United Kingdom

When? Wednesday June 28, 7.30pm

Where? Kosmonaut

Tickets £15, buy now

Denmark's Rocket Brewing will be bringing six of their best beers to Kosmonaut for an intimate tasting event.

It’s a rare chance to sample a selection of treats from the funky and sour beer specialists. Rocket Brewing use Brettanomyces as their house yeast so produce a distinctive rane of beers with a focus on the use of local ingredients.

Tickets for the event will be very limited and will be £15 each. This will include tasting six beers on the night, along with snacks from the Hip Hop Chip Shop. The brewers will also be there to tell you how they go about brewing their wonderful beer.

The beers on the night will be as follows:

  • Ruby 2016, a Bretted cherry sour
  • Prune Balloon, a sour ale with prune plum and jasmine
  • Black Power, a blackcurrant sour
  • Purple Nights, a lilac 
  • Flower Power, an elderflower sour
  • Life on Mars, a bergamot sour