When? Monday June 26

Where? Various

Tickets Free but limited to 10 per crawl (drinks not incuded)

'Meet the brewer' events are sooo 2016. For the launch of this year's exclusive Beer Week collabs, we're doing a bit of brewer speed dating instead.

We've arranged two guided crawls to take you round all five launch venues during the evening. In each venue you'll meet the collaborating brewers who'll talk you through a quick tasting of their beer.

But to make things even spicier, we're adding a competitive element.

The lads from the Beernomicon podcast will lead one crawl, while MBW organisers Connor and Jai will lead the other. It's up to you to pick a side.

In our final venue, 57 Thomas Street, both teams will go head-to-head in a quiz to decide the victors, with beery prizes up for grabs. Participants will be asked to consider a voluntary £5 contribution to homelessness charity Street Support.

The routes are:

Team MBW

  • 6.30pm: Cafe Beermoth - Runaway/Left Handed Giant
  • 7.20pm: The Pilcrow - Cloudwater/Lost and Grounded/Verdant
  • 8.10pm: The Smithfield - Blackjack/Hawkshead
  • 9pm: Port Street - Track/BBNo
  • 9.45pm: 57 Thomas Street - Marble/NMBC

Team Beernomicon

  • 6.30pm: The Pilcrow - Cloudwater/Lost and Grounded/Verdant
  • 7.20pm: Cafe Beermoth - Runaway/Left Handed Giant
  • 8.10pm: Port Street - Track/BBNo
  • 9pm: The Smithfield - Blackjack/Hawkshead
  • 9.45pm: 57 Thomas Street - Marble/NMBC