• The Gasworks (map)
  • 1 First Street
  • Manchester, England, M15 4FN
  • United Kingdom

When? Tuesday June 27, 7pm-1am

Where? The Gasworks

Tickets Free, unticketed

Malt and hops are integral to beer production but what impact can small tweaks to these ingredients have on flavour?

Track, The Gasworks and Beatnikz Republic are aiming to find out in this SMASH Beer Showcase. That's 'single malt and single hop' in case you didn't know.

They’ll each create a beer using yeast from Lallemand, malt from Crisp Malt and a range of experimental hops from Charles Faram, The only things that will change in each beer are the varieties of malt and hops used.

It will be a real showcase of the flavours in these specific malts and hops – and will also make for some tasty drinking. Colin Johnston from Crisp Malt and Ben Adams will be on hand from Charles Farams with samples of the malt and hops to allow you to compare and contrast the flavours with the finished beers.

So head down to the event for your chance to try all three special creations.