• Brewdog Manchester (map)
  • 35 Peter Street
  • Manchester, M2 5BG
  • United Kingdom

When? Wednesday June 15, 7.30pm

Where? Brewdog Manchester

Tickets £7.50 (includes a third of all four beers)

Four breweries are taking part in a unique experiment to demonstrate the power of yeast in the brewing process.

The event, organised in collaboration with yeast producer Lallemand, will see each of the four participants brew exactly the same base beer but ferment with a different yeast strain.

In modern brewing, hops are seen as the superstars. The popularity of styles such as IPA have made varieties such as Citra, Simcoe and Amarillo household names coveted by drinkers the world over.

But this event intends to show why yeast should also have its moment in the spotlight and just how fundamental it is to the flavour profile of a beer.

The four breweries taking part are:

  • Torrside Brewery - English ale yeast
  • Runaway Brewery - saison yeast
  • Thirst Class - German wheat beer yeast
  • Tickety Brew - Belgian house yeast

On the night, Rob Percival from Lallemand will give a quick talk about the importance of yeast before each brewer introduces their beer and discusses the flavour impact of their chosen yeast.

Tickets will include a third of each beer.

Nearest Metrolink stop: Deansgate-Castlefield