• Marble Beerhouse (map)
  • 57 Manchester Road
  • Manchester, M21 9PW
  • United Kingdom

When? Saturday June 11, from 12pm

Where? Marble Beerhouse, Chorlton

Tickets Free, unticketed

Marble Brewery is offering a treat for homebrewers as part of Manchester Beer Week.

They're giving away the keys to the kingdom - or at least the recipes for old favourites Ginger and Dobber, encouraging homebrewers to try their hand at creating these classics. Neither beer is on the regular brew schedule anymore, so your only chance to drink them regularly will be to make them yourselves!

To mark this, on Saturday June 11, assistant brewer Jonny and Marble Beerhouse manager Gaz will take a crack at brewing Dobber themselves on Gaz's homebrew kit at the Beerhouse.

And to top it all off, Draft is back!

Marble has revived the old favourite, not seen on a bar since 2012, especially for Manchester Beer Week. It will be available at all three Marble venues throughout the opening weekend of the festival.

Nearest Metrolink stop: Chorlton