Manchester is a great beer city - that much is clear.

But where does it rank against other drinking destinations? Central Manchester CAMRA is aiming to provide a definitive answer to that question.

Lots of town & cities – from Liverpool to Norwich - can lay claim to being the best destination for tourists looking for great beer. With over 75 breweries in the region, can Manchester hold its head high in their company?

On May 20, local drinkers will set out to see what position Manchester takes in the ale league tables. Teams of surveyors will be setting out to try and log every beer on sale in every pub across the City Of Manchester.

These figures will then be handed over to the boffins to crunch the numbers before the results are revealed during Manchester Beer Week.

This first audit will be limited to the area covered by Manchester City Council but organisers hope to expand it to the rest of Greater Manchester in future years.

Teams of auditors will each be allocated around 10 pubs to visit on the day and the audit will end with a celebration in the city centre for all participants.

If you’d like to take part, either by joining one of the teams, or forming a team of your own,  more details can be found by visiting or by contacting