Yeast at work inside the fermenter

Yeast at work inside the fermenter

May 11, 2016 - Four breweries are taking part in a unique experiment for Manchester Beer Week to demonstrate the power of yeast in the brewing process.

The event, which is being organised in collaboration with yeast producer Lallemand, will see each of the four participants brew exactly the same base beer but fermented with a different yeast strain.

It is intended to demonstrate to beer lovers, both young and old, just how crucial yeast is to the flavour profile of their favourite beers. The massive explosion in popularity of the India Pale Ale (IPA) has resulted in hops being seen as the superstars of modern brewing, while yeast has become an unsung hero.

Each brewery will use the same malts and hops as the others, and will even follow the same brewing process, only altering the yeast used. Torrside Brewery will use a classic ale yeast, Runaway Brewery will use a saison yeast, Thirst Class will use a German wheat beer strain, while Tickety Brew will use their own house yeast, which is Belgian in origin.

Rob Percival, technical sales manager for Lallemand and a certified beer sommellier, said: “A lot of the more trendy hops used by modern brewers will dominate the flavour profiles of many beers, especially given the quantities used, and yeast is too often overlooked, except in a few obvious continental styles.

“It’s a shame because, in my opinion, the flavour contribution made by the yeast is the most fundamental to the final beer. I would love to see more respect paid to yeast and more brewers take greater care over the yeasts they use and the conditions in which they ferment. This event will help to bring yeast back to the fore and help drinkers to understand exactly what difference different strains make to the beer they drink.”

“Manchester Beer Week gives brewers the chance to try things they wouldn’t usually have the time or opportunity to do, and we’re really excited to see the outcomes of this experiment,” added Manchester Beer Week organiser Connor Murphy.

The four beers will be showcased during an event at Brewdog Manchester on Wednesday, June 15 at 7.30pm. Tickets will be priced at £7.50 and will include a third of each of the beers brewed. Visit the event page to get yours.

All four brewers will be on hand during the event to talk about their respective beers and the different yeast strains used.