• Station Hop (map)
  • 815 Stockport Road
  • Manchester, England, M19 3BS
  • United Kingdom

When? Saturday June 30, 1pm onwards

Where? Station Hop

Tickets Free, unticketed

This will be your first chance to try eight one-off beers inspired by some of Manchester's most exciting independent restaurants.

Six restaurants have teamed up with six of the region's best brewers to create these new beers, which have either been inspired by the flavours used by each restaurant or designed to accompany their food. And all of them will be pouring together for the first time at Levenshulme's Station Hop.

The beers are as follows:

Blackjack x Rudy's Pizza. La Saison di Napoli, lemon and basil saison, 4.5%. Playing on the Neapolitan pizza theme, Blackjack have worked with Rudy's to create a saison using lemon, an ingredient native to Southern Italy, and basil.

Marble x One88 x Melissa Cole. Vienna Lager with exotic peppercorns. Marble worked with beer writer Melissa Cole and famous Mancunian chef David Gale of Whitefield's One88 to create a perfect beer to go with the restaurant's staple steak dish.

Rivington x The Creameries. Rhubarb and Peppercorn Saison, 5.8%. A beer based on a shared love of rhubarb! Rivington worked with The Creameries' renowned head chef Mary-Ellen McTague (formerly of Aumbry and 4244) to create a saison that uses two additions of fresh rhubarb alongside peppercorn to create a beer that is tart, refreshing, and light with a touch of spice. Not only is it designed to showcase rhubarb at its best, it's also designed to pair perfectly with The Creameries' food.

Runaway x Umezushi. Gari Gose, 4.4%. This light, refreshing Gose is designed to be enjoyed in its own right, but also as an accompaniment to Sushi. The beer is based on Umezushi's recipe for Japanese Gari (pickled ginger), traditionally eaten between or after sushi as a palate cleanser. Ingredients from the Umezushi kitchen were also used in the brew, including kombu (seaweed), root ginger, preserved wah plums and sushi rice to replace the traditional additions to German Gose (salt and coriander seed).

Squawk x Bundobust. Dhāṇā, strawberry and coriander seed IPA, 4.6%. This light and refreshing beer was created to work perfectly with the Gujurat-inspired street food that Bundobust does so well.

Thirst Class x Allotment. Thai Wheat, 5.0%. A lemongrass, ginger and coriander wheat beer using some of the Allotment chef Matt Nutter's favourite ingredients - a combination he has used in Thai dishes. Thirst Class put together a beer recipe that would compliment these ingredients, choosing a wheat beer base, a neutral yeast and a subtle hop addition to really allow Matt's ingredients to shine through in the final beer.