• Plant NOMA (map)
  • Redfern, Dantzic Street
  • Manchester, M60 0AE
  • United Kingdom

When? Friday June 29, 3pm

Where? Plant NOMA

Tickets Free, unticketed

The issue of Small Brewers Relief (SBR) has become a contentious one over recent months.

SBR is a tax scheme that sees the smallest breweries benefit from a 50% reduction in beer duty, and was intended to help them compete against the economies of scale enjoyed by larger producers.

However, proposals to reform the current tax system, put forward by the Small Brewers Duty Reform Coalition (SBDRC), sparked widespread discussion throughout the industry and created fractures within independent brewing.

This debate held aims to bring together figures from across the industry to address current concerns and attempt to find solutions that protect the future of British independent brewing.

The panel will include James Calder, Head of Public Affairs and Communications at the Society of Independent Brewers (Siba); Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) activist John Clarke; William Lees-Jones, Managing Director at JW Lees; Joseph Ince, head brewer at Marble Brewery; and Jim Cullen, blogger and organiser of the Independent Salford Beer Festival.