• Plant NOMA (map)
  • Redfern, Dantzic Street
  • Manchester, M60 0AE
  • United Kingdom

When? Friday June 29, 4.15pm

Where? Plant NOMA

Tickets Free, unticketed

Beer has been a remarkable success story in recent years.

The number of breweries in Greater Manchester has grown by more than 200% since 2010 and more continue to open their doors each year.

A big part of this success is the perceived ethos of craft brewing. These small-scale, independent producers are often viewed as a backlash against the status quo, and attached to values such as social awareness and inclusion.

This discussion will look at whether craft brewers doing enough to justify this perception and ask if more can be done to engage with the wider community and have a lasting, positive impact on society.

The panel will include Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham, who has worked to involve the region's businesses in his campaign to tackle homelessness, and Jenn Merrick, the former Beavertown head brewer and founder of Earth Station, a new community brewery being developed in East London. There will also be a representative from Manchester charity Mustard Tree, which works to tackle the effects of poverty and homelessness.