• 57 Thomas Street (map)
  • 57 Thomas Street
  • Manchester, England, M4 1NA
  • United Kingdom

When? Thursday July 5, 7pm

Where? 57 Thomas Street

Tickets Free, unticketed

Learn about the rich history of women in brewing at this talk led by award-winning writer and beer sommelier Jane Peyton.

A noted drinks historian, Peyton has closely studied the historical role of women in brewing and will attempt to bust a few myths in this free talk.

It will look at the original brewsters (female brewers) and the significant role they played in creating and popularising beer, before examining the decline in female brewing in England from the mid 14th century.

The talk will also aim to address the peculiar - but widely-held - notion that drinking beer is unfeminine and will include opportunity for an open discussion looking at how beer and the beer industry can be made more appealing to a wider cross-section of women.