• 57 Thomas Street (map)
  • 57 Thomas Street
  • Manchester, England, M4 1NA
  • United Kingdom

When? Wednesday July 4, 7.30pm

Where? 57 Thomas Street

Tickets £15 (including one third of all five beers), buy now

The IPA remains a dominant force in modern craft beer.

It is both the most popular beer style and the beer scene's biggest talking point. Whether you're hysterical about haze, mad about malt or barmy for bitterness, the IPA is a shape-shifting beast that can take on a number of forms.

With interest in the style higher than ever before, we thought it'd be a good time to look at the amazing journey from its origins to the current day.

So we've teamed up with yeast provider Lallemand for the third year running to bring you a special showcase, featuring a series of new beers.

Four brilliant breweries have created five beers that showcase different points in the evolution of the style.

The journey starts with two heritage IPAs, brewed by Beer Nouveau using 19th century recipes, before fast-forwarding to the 1990s with the help of Torrside, who'll present their take on the big, bitter IPAs from the West Coast of the USA that reignited interest in the style.

We'll then take a look at the controversial New England IPA, which has soared in popularity over the past couple of years. Who else could we ask to brew this other than Cloudwater?

Marble and Wander Beyond have then teamed up to give a hint at what the future might hold by brewing what they believe could be 'the future of the IPA'..

Rob Percival from Lallemand will host the evening, providing insight into the techniques involved in each version of the style, as well as the key role played by yeast. Each brewer will then present their beer in turn, giving ticket-holders a chance to taste, discuss and ask questions.

The ticket price includes a third of all four beers created specially for the event. Details of the brewers and beers involved will be released soon.