• Beermoth Bottle Shop (map)
  • 70 Tib Street
  • Manchester, England, M4 1LG
  • United Kingdom

When? Tuesday July 3, 7pm

Where? Beermoth Bottle Shop

Tickets £15, buy now

Forget everything you've been told about standard brewer's yeast being an essential ingredient in the beer-making process.

In this unique bottle-tasting, accredited beer sommelier and fermentation expert Rob Percival will look at the different types of mixed cultures, bacteria, microflora and wild organisms that can also be used to create beer.

Through his work with brewing yeast supplier Lallemand, Rob has done extensive research into the fermentation process and will bring that expertise to the fore when hand-picking as selection of bottles that demonstrate the wild side of beer.

If you're a sucker for sours, a fiend for funk or just interested in learning more, this tasting is sure to provide food for thought and liquid for the tastebuds.