• The Gasworks Brew Bar (map)
  • 5 Jack Rosenthal Street
  • Manchester, England, M15 4RA
  • United Kingdom

When? Submissions close on June 1. Beer launched July 2

Where? The Gasworks Brew Bar

Tickets? Free, unticketed 

The Gasworks Brewbar is hosting a competition for you to design your very own beer and have it brewed by them, for it to be on sale during Manchester Beer Week 2018! They’ll even let you name it and will even contact the winner to help design the pump clip.

The winner will have their beer brewed by the Gasworks in-house brewer, receive their own pump clip, as well as a round of your very own beer for you and your friends to celebrate!

You might already be a home brewer, or maybe you just have a keen interest in craft beer, maybe you tried that beer one time that you liked a lot, but you know you could have done it better. Well, now’s your chance! This competition is intended for anyone, with any amount of beer knowledge.

This is a (pretty much) no holds barred competition. The beer can be any style, any flavour profile, any colour. We will aim to brew the beer exactly how you’ve designed it, though due to the nature of some brewing ingredients (we’re looking at you hops!) some substitutions may have to be made, but we’ll discuss that with you first.

All you need to do is send us your beer design, which can be as detailed as you’d like. If you want to send us a full brewery spec recipe, down to the gram, ace! If you just have a rough idea for a 10% ABV chocolate, coconut, caramel, molasses milk stout, then that's fine too.

Please note that we we aren't currently able to produce any sour beers, or beers with Brettanomyces or any other wild yeast or bacteria strains.